Cardiac Rehabilitation

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program offers a comprehensive service to help people with heart disease return to an active life, and to prevent recurrence of cardiac events. We focus on education, lifestyle modification, exercise and relaxation. Cardiac Rehabilitation has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiac mortality by 26% after the first cardiac event.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation program is aimed at patients (and their families) who are recovering from a heart attack, heart surgery or procedure; and those who are at risk. It usually begins approximately 4-8 weeks after you have left hospital, and runs 2-3 days/week for 6-8 weeks. However, we have patients who continue to use the service as a form of safe exercise after their completion of the program.

Cardiac rehabilitation includes weekly discussions on a variety of topics including:

  • Understanding heart disease
  • Medication – how they work and what are the long term benefits
  • Diet – what is the recent evidence?
  • Management of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Returning to work, sport and leisure

Cardiac rehabilitation also includes a specific exercise program, done in a supportive group environment, that helps you with getting your heart healthier and overcoming obstacles to return to a normal life.

We work closely with cardiac consultants, GPs, dieticians and pharmacists.

Sessions run once per week on Thursdays at 2pm.

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