Holistic Core Restore

Holistic Core Restore© was designed to support women’s wellness and to help recover after birth, surgery and to help move and feel well for life. We have 2 programmes available:

Holistic Core Restore® C-section/Diastasis Recovery Programme

If you’ve had a baby by cesarean, no matter how long ago, and you core and pelvic floor feel disconnected – this programme is for you. The Holistic Core Restore® C-section programme is completely bespoke to you; combining
massage, nutrition and a functional exercise programme that is designed to help you to recover and heal well, improve your belly, ease back pain and reconnect your pelvic floor so you can move and feel better.

This programme is for women who are experiencing one or more of these:

  •  A c-section scar that looks good but doesn’t quite right.
  •  A core that feels weak and disconnected.
  •  A c-section scar that feels tight and restricted
  •  Lower back and hip pain.
  •  A small diastasis you want to help heal
  •  Worried about how your baby belly looks and not sure about the right things to do
    to help.
  •  Your pelvic floor isn’t working optimally and worried about leakage.
  • Have been told by a health professional you need to do your pelvic floor exercises
    and not sure where to start.
What is involved in the programme?
  • 90 minute initial session which includes an in-depth assessment
  • Three 60 minute follow up appointments to progress your work and ensure you
    are keeping track with your goals
  • Nutrition and hydration assessment and advice
  • Bespoke c-section exercise prescription
  •  Abdominal Scar Therapy
  • Detailed education booklet on nutrition and your core

Price: £267

Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman Foundation Core and Pelvic Floor programme

Enjoy 6 weeks of education dedicated to supporting your Pelvic Health, core, nutrition and women’s fitness at whatever stage of life you are in. It’s been such a success for 3 years and helped transform the lives of thousands of women across the country

Who is this programme for?
  • Women who want to know more about their Pelvic Floor, Core and overall
  • Women who have experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing
  • Those suffering with Diastasis Recti
  • Lower back pain sufferers
  •  Women who want to increase their knowledge of nutrition

Women who have been told to do a pelvic floor exercise programme

How does the programme work?
  • Initial pre-screening to see if the programme is for you
  • At your first session you’ll receive your HCR education booklet and all of the fitness
    kit you need to complete the homework exercises on the course.
  • You will receive login details via email allowing you access to additional filmed
    homework exercises, healing education and nutrition and recipe booklet.
  •  The programme runs for 6 weeks and we meet once a week during this period.
    Additionally, you will be asked to complete home exercises

Price: £167 (small group) or £397 (1-1)


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