Metabolic health and performance testing combines the very latest in Human Performance Technology, Exercise Physiology, Nutrition and Sport Science to provide the tools to make fewer mistakes with your nutrition and exercise – and a faster way to better results.

Regardless of your background and goals, physiological testing will give you clear data surrounding your current health, nutrition, body composition and exercise performance. We provide you the science that is used and trusted by the worlds elite athletes and translate it
into programmes that are designed for you to reach your goals faster and more efficiently.

Using the very latest in metabolic breath by breath gas analysis we are able to measure the


The industry standard measurement of aerobic fitness. This allows us to design bespoke heart rate, power (cycle) and pace (run) based training recommendations and provides you with key information around your current aerobic fitness.


Understand how efficient your body is at burning fat across a range of exercise intensities. We will be able to give you specific intensity ranges where your body burns fat at the highest rate. If you are an endurance athlete or have body composition/fat loss goals this test is a crucial one for you.

Resting Metabolic Rate:

Understand how many Kcals your body requires at rest. This is highly important to understand so that you are not over or under eating and so that we can design specific nutrition programmes specific to your metabolism.

Body Composition:

If you are looking to lose body fat and improve your body composition then it is important to accurately measure your body composition. Here we will be able to determine total fat mass, visceral fat, body fat percent, lean muscle mass, distribution of muscle mass and hydration status.

Nutrition for weight loss or performance enhancement:

For anybody who has health, body composition or performance goals, our personalised nutrition programmes unpack the latest in health and exercise nutrition science and tailor it to fit your personal lifestyle and goals.