All you need to know about IMS needling

23rd January 2018

IMS (or intramuscular stimulation) is similar to traditional acupuncture, in that it involves the insertion of needles into the body to relieve pain. The difference resides in the fact that IMS is a far more specific and purposeful method of pain relief than its older counterpart. Rather than focusing on pre-mapped points in the body…

Pop-up physiotherapy clinics in Hertford this month

6th February 2018

Can’t wait until we open to try some of our elite physio treatments? Neither can we. That’s why we’re hosting FOUR pop-up clinics at two locations in Hertford this month, so that you can be treated at a hugely discounted rate, and see for yourself how physiotherapy could benefit you.   Members of our team…

The most effective treatment of Lower Back Pain

20th September 2018

Low back pain is a major health problem among Western industrialised countries and a major cause of medical expenses, absenteeism, and disablement. People with acute low back pain usually experience improvements in pain and return to work within 1 month and further but smaller improvements occur up to 3 months after. Following 3 months, pain…

Chronic Fatigue and Muscle Strains – they’re not related….are they?

16th March 2019

It is well researched that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can be worsened by physical activity. A study has suggested that flare ups of the condition can be caused by a muscle strain or nerve irritation. The study out of Johns Hopkins University in the USA proposed that Physiotherapy could be a perfect treatment option for…

7 Mistakes we make EVERYDAY which impact our health

25th April 2019

  [maxbutton id=”1″ url=”” text=”Want a Special offer?” ]   We all lead busy lives. But there are many preventable things we do every day that can cause us to become injured or ill. Repetitive habits, lack of awareness of health and fitness knowledge and poor ‘work/life’ balance can lead to us needing specialist help from…

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