Shockwave is a technique used to heal tendons, muscles and ligaments in a quicker and more effective way than traditional treatments.

The shockwave probe delivers a high energy acoustic wave to the injured area which stimulates tissue regeneration, increases blood flow and breaks down scar tissue, thus increasing the speed of recovery.

Conditions treated include Achilles pain, runners knee, rotator cuff pain, heel pain, bone spurs, calcification, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, shin splints, hamstring tendon pain, hip pain and repetitive strain disorders.

Patients will usually feel an immediate relief after treatment, and evidence has shown that between 4-6 sessions of shockwave are required for optimum results. Patients should expect to see permanent results approximately 8 weeks after their final session.

Treatment is always used in conjunction with an appropriate exercise plan. Unlike other clinics, we believe that if this treatment is required, it should be offered as part of a physiotherapy session and therefore do not charge extra for it, despite it being a premium treatment option.

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