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WE ARE HIRING! If you are a Physiotherapist looking for your next role, we would love to hear from you! Please head over to our Contact Us page or email us on help@carterandgeorge.co.uk with your CV and a short cover letter!



The aim of physiotherapy is to alleviate pain and restore function so that patients can get back to living their lives the way they want to. Physiotherapy reduces inflammation, increases mobility and promotes strength.


Physical Rehabilitation

Many patients require rehabilitation after an operation. We aim to make these sessions fun and varied. We have a modern gym onsite that was designed specifically for rehabilitation.



Prevention of injury and illness, both mental and physical, is of paramount importance to us. With services including CryoFacials and Psychotherapy, we aim to ensure that you can continue living life the way you want.


The Practice

We have multiple healthcare professionals all under one roof, from Physiotherapists to personal trainers, all working together to ensure you are always being looked after in the best way possible, by people at the top of their field. We have a fully equipped rehabilitation gym, and offer state-of-the-art treatments, including shockwave therapy and cryotherapy. We run specialist clinics including falls prevention, cardiac rehabilitation and chronic pain pathways - whatever stage of your recovery you are at, we have it covered.

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