Who We Are

Our co-founders, Jamie George and Rhys Carter, established The Carter & George Practice with the vision of making elite medical treatments (usually reserved for high-level athletes) accessible to everyone. The synergy of Rhys’ professional and experienced physiotherapy background, with Jamie’s unique understanding as a professional rugby player, allows The Carter & George Practice to provide a uniquely well-rounded service to all our patients.

The Carter & George Practice consists of a team of highly qualified professionals with specialist knowledge, spanning a diverse range of conditions and treatments. Our team works collaboratively to treat our patients with a balanced approach that is usually reserved for professional athletes.

We have a team who can cover anything from sports injuries to back pain; from the young to the elderly.

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Our Collaborative Approach To Physiotherapy: What We Do

A Rapid Initial Appointment That Eliminates Uncertainty:

We recognise the toll that pain and uncertainty can cause for our patients, which is why we guarantee an appointment within 48 hours of contacting us. From our very first meeting, you’ll be able to walk away with an accurate diagnosis and peace of mind; facilitated by a physiotherapy treatment plan and prediction of your recovery time.

Long-Term Results for Injury Rehabilitation and Chronic Conditions:

Our professional physiotherapy clinic uses manual physiotherapy techniques (hands-on) to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries, muscle spasms, and short-term challenges. However, we also offer specialist clinics for longer term conditions such as arthritis, improving the function of painful joints, and reducing your reliance on medications.

Prevention and Strengthening:

With our unique implementation of Strength & Conditioning, Gait Analysis and PNOE Metabolic Assessments, we give all of our patients access to data to train like an athlete while preventing injury, determining your unique biomechanics while walking, running, and standing – and establishing any physical limiters we can improve. This allows us to detect and treat issues before they become injuries. However, in the event of an injury, our expert team of physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches are on hand to diagnose, formulate a physiotherapy treatment plan, and prevent their recurrence.

Overall Health and Transformation:

We offer more than physiotherapy and strength and conditioning: Our range of services promotes holistic health and comfort in your body. Our other services include health testing packages, bespoke orthotics, along with transformation programmes and memberships – for those who truly want to take control of their health. Our staff have broad experience working with a range of patients, from professional athletes to the elderly, and we have verified reviews and outstanding results. If there is something we cannot do for you, our close network of regional experts will be able to help.

Conveniently Located Physiotherapy Clinics across Hertfordshire

We have 3 private physiotherapy practices across Hertfordshire, and so there is ample opportunity to see our team. Our flagship practice in Hertford covers East Hertfordshire, Radlett in South-West Hertfordshire and our newest physiotherapy clinic in Hitchin, covering North Hertfordshire.

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