27th March 24

Welcome to our Newest Carter & George Physiotherapy Practice in Harpenden!

Personalised Physiotherapy in Harpenden

If you’re a Harpenden or St Albans local looking for precision-driven rehabilitation, you’ve landed in the right place. Our newest clinic is more than a treatment hub; it’s a dedicated space where we can help you reclaim your movement, making sure every step is one in strength. Our goal is to illuminate your path to your recovery, offering valuable insights that will be beneficial not only in your recovery but in your day to day life in future.

Your Recovery

Whether you’re an athlete sidelined by a sports injury or an individual grappling with the discomfort of a repetitive strain issue, the first step towards resolution is understanding your discomfort. 

Starting your Rehabilitation Journey

At the heart of our approach is a thorough initial assessment, which is so much more than a formality. Our specialists combine traditional hands-on techniques with cutting-edge tools, such as shockwave therapy and dynamometer testing, to decode the nature of your injury. This level of detail ensures that no nuance escapes our diagnosis, and that, in turn, informs the custom treatment program that follows.

Treatment Methods

Physiotherapy is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. It thrives on the bespoke application of varied techniques, tailored to the unique needs of the individual. From dry needling to shockwave therapy, each method is a tool in a box, and our experienced professionals know exactly which ones will benefit you most. Whether you’re suffering from neck pain  or any other kind of musculoskeletal problems through manual therapy, exercise or any of our specialist treatment methods, we will be able to reduce pain.

Shockwave therapy, a highly effective non-invasive treatment, uses acoustic waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, significantly reducing recovery time for our patients and setting the groundwork for a stronger, pain-free future.

Dry needling, expertly administered by our skilled practitioners, is a targeted technique designed to relieve muscular tension and pain, enhancing your recovery process and overall well-being.

Massage , skillfully performed by our team, promotes relaxation, alleviates pain, and accelerates recovery by enhancing circulation and reducing muscle tension, contributing significantly to your holistic rehabilitation experience.

Taping – creates support for injured joints and muscles, fostering a conducive environment for healing and mobility while preventing further injury.

Walking you through a Range of Services

At Carter & George we don’t just offer physiotherapy however a range of services that offer benefits to your physical wellbeing. These state-of-the-art services include Gait Analysis and Orthotics, Injury Screening and Brace Fittings. Learn more about these services on our website.

Sports Injuries at Carter & George

At Carter & George, treating sports injuries is an area where our expertise truly shines. Our team of highly trained physiotherapists employs a multi-faceted approach tailored to each athlete’s specific needs, ensuring that from the acute phase of injury to full rehabilitation, the pathway is clear and progressive. We understand that no two athletes are the same; hence, our treatment plans are meticulously crafted, incorporating a blend of advanced techniques that not only expedite recovery but also enhance performance levels.

Chronic Pain at Carter & George

In the realm of chronic pain management, physiotherapy stands out as a beacon of hope for many. Our team at Carter & George is profoundly aware of the deeply personal and often challenging journeys our patients endure. Chronic, unlike acute pain, requires a nuanced approach, blending scientific rigor with empathy. Our physiotherapists harness a spectrum of strategies, from tailored exercise regimens to innovative pain-relief techniques, aimed at not merely alleviating symptoms but addressing the root cause of discomfort.

Book Today

Our new clinic will be home to a lead physiotherapist and their team who will all be equipped to treat your specific issues with a personalised approach. We will be launching in Harpenden from March 18th 2024 however bookings are open now for anyone wanting to start their rehabilitation journey promptly and reach their peak potential physical ability.