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There are many injuries that can occur in teenagers that are unique to them. Teenagers are likely to experience back pain, hip pain, knee and ankle pain as part of their growth and development – particularly if they are competing in a lot of sport. In fact, those competing in sport have a 1 in 5 chance of experiencing growth related pain, compared to 1 in 20 of those that do not play sport.

Usually these problems occur when there has been a sudden growth spurt. Soft tissue structures do not lengthen at the same rate as bones, and therefore they become tight and ‘pull’ on the growth plate. This, combined with exercise, caused inflammation in the tissue – and hence pain.

As Physiotherapists, we take a deep look as to what is causing the pain, whether that be a movement issue or something else. Once we have found out what exactly is causing pain, we can formulate a treatment plan to fix the problem.

Some of the techniques for arthritis treatment include:

Usually, with a structured treatment plan, you can expect to see results within a matter of weeks – and most people experience and improvement in their pain immediately.

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