Footscan is a highly precise and effective tool to ascertain your individual. foot biomechanics when still, walking, jogging and running.

How does it work?

The Footscan plate has 8192 tiny sensors which sends information to our laptop highlighting masses of amounts of information about weight distribution through the foot, time spent on different areas of the foot and differences between the left and right, as well as much more. We use this information to help diagnosis, guide and manage your alignments whether that is recommendation of orthotics with Phits (The world’s first high-tech 3D printed insole, used by Team GB) or a physiotherapy rehabilitation process.

We use Phits as we want to provide the highest quality products and care to our clients. Phits have superior stability, optimal efficiency, extreme durability, can be sport and shoe specific and important are minimalistic and lightweight.

In essence, we scan your feet in a few different ways and positions to highlight any discrepancies, abnormalities or issues. We then use this information to collaboratively plan your care, whether that’s, Phits orthotics, strength and conditioning, physiotherapy rehabilitation or we leave you be.

If you get pain when standing, walking, jogging or running (or whenever), a Footscan may be just for you. An expert assessment with one of our physiotherapist’s and then utilisation of the Footscan could be just what is required to begin the process of getting rid of the pain.

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