Determine your unique foot biomechanics and gait pattern while walking, running, and standing still thanks to Footscan, our precise, effective, and comprehensive gait analysis tool.

We use this tool to identify alterations in your foot and ankle that can lead to pain or other conditions of the lower limbs such as bunions, plantar fasciitis, pain in the knees and Achilles tendonitis.

From professional athletes to weekend warriors, Footscan and the accompanying Phits orthotics provide support and cushioning for those of all activity levels.

Professional runners (including British Athletics), football players, dancers, cyclists—virtually any athlete who needs relief from pain or a boost in performance can benefit from our gait analysis tool.

How Footscan Works

Footscan is the most data-led approach to gait analysis on the market. Gone are the days of moulds and ‘using a trained eye’ – Footscan uses multiple data points in real-time to analyse:

  • How long you spend on each foot
  • Exact gait pattern when walking and running and how your foot rolls
  • Where your foot strikes and pushes off from
  • Where most of your body weight goes through

Footscan is an innovative tool that allows us to effectively diagnose, manage and treat different gait issues with real, personalised information. Thanks to 8192 sensors, the Footscan plate can detect endless information about your feet while they’re in different positions, including how much time you spend on different areas of the foot, and even how your left and right foot differ from one another.