We are proud to announce that we are officially using PNOE Metabolic Testing, one of the most advanced and effective biometric labs previously only accessible to professional and elite athletes.

This testing system is the very highest standard of physical fitness and health assessments and data-driven physiology.

The test includes:

V02 Max test:

VO2 max is a measure of how much oxygen your body can utilize per minute during physical activity. VO2 max testing provides valuable information regarding your level of aerobic fitness and helps to identify potential health issues and areas for improvement in physical performance. The test can be done on a stationary bike or a treadmill.

RMR Test:

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) testing is a measure of how many calories your body burns at rest. This test provides important information regarding the amount of energy you expend throughout the day and helps to identify areas for improvement regarding weight management.

Why should I do a Metabolic Test?

Unlock a comprehensive assessment of your health, fitness levels, breathing patterns, training zones, and more. Empowered with this valuable information, we’ll be able to draw up a highly effective and results-driven plan that you can use to train like an athlete to smash your personal bests, lose weight, or increase your physical endurance while lengthening your lifespan.

What You Can Expect

During your PNOE test, we’ll measure and analyse your system vitals to determine the effectiveness of your breathing, your lungs, your heart, and your cells while burning fat or carbohydrates.

Using the insight we gain, we’ll laser-target any weaknesses in your health, nutrition, or fitness and provide you with dietary and personal training advice accordingly.