PNOE Metabolic Testing

Our professional physiotherapy clinic is proud to announce that we are officially using PNOE Metabolic Testing, one of the most advanced and effective biometric labs previously only accessible to professional and elite athletes. This testing system is the very highest standard of health assessments and data-driven physiology.

Unlock a comprehensive assessment of your health, fitness levels, breathing patterns, training zones, and more. Empowered with this valuable information, we’ll be able to draw up a highly effective and results-driven plan that you can use to train like an athlete to smash your personal bests, lose weight, or increase your physical endurance while lengthening your lifespan.

What You Can Expect

During your PNOE test, we’ll measure and analyse your system vitals to determine the effectiveness of your breathing, your lungs, your heart, and your cells while burning fat or carbohydrates.

Using the insight we gain, we’ll laser-target any weaknesses in your health, nutrition, or fitness and provide you with dietary and personal training advice accordingly. This is the fastest way to fix your unique challenges as quickly as possible to improve your performance, reduce your weight, and increase your overall health.

Tracking Your Progress with the PNOE App

With this app, you’ll be able to track and manage your nutrition, sleep, activity levels, and even mental readiness in a single platform that you can access from anywhere in the world. Your app will use your personal data to determine your progress in real-time based on your age, weight, and beyond.

The information you can track includes, but is not limited to:

  • Calories burned
  • Carbohydrates and fat burned
  • V02 Max
  • Metabolic efficiency
  • Heart rate and power
  • Personal training zones

What Are Training Zones and Why Do They Matter?

If you want to learn how to train like an athlete, then you need to understand your body’s training zones. These zones are based on your heart rate and help you determine when and how you burn the most fat, develop the most endurance, and build the most muscle.

While these zones can usually be determined using wearables like smartwatches or calculator apps, they might not always be 100% accurate. In fact, some of these readings could be off by up to 25%.

With the PNOE Precision Metabolic test, you’ll be able to perfectly determine your training zones up to the heartbeat. Then, once your training zones have been determined, the PNOE app will synchronise with any wearables.

How Nutrition Shapes Progress

The PNOE Metabolic test helps us determine how your body currently burns carbohydrates and fat, going on to use this information to create a personalised meal plan and nutritional guide that will supplement our personal training advice.

Your wellness blueprint, if you will, will include easy-to-follow meal-plans, recipes, shopping lists, and so much more, and each plan will be based on your body’s unique composition.

PNOE Is For You

Improve Your Athletic Performance

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to train like one. Our professional physiotherapy clinic works with recreational athletes and everyday people who want to implement tailor-made programmes to identify and fix key weaknesses in their performance. With our support and personal training advice created with the PNOE Metabolic system, you’ll be able to train at a pace and power that suits your body, sustains your current energy output, and tap into world-class resources that were once only available to top athletes and training centres.

Burn Fat To Lose Weight

You can look and train like an athlete to ramp up your weight loss journey. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to understand exactly how many calories you need to burn and consume during different levels of training intensity if you want to achieve your goals.

Increase Your Health And Fitness

Our personal training advice and programmes are built based on your personal physiology, which means that you’ll be able to reach your goals and achieve miraculous results in record time. This test will not only help you increase your health and fitness, but it will also give you an insightful look into your current cardiovascular, metabolic, and respiratory health. You could even detect problems like COPD, diabetes, and valve issues and ensure you get the right treatment and medication as soon as possible.

Our Packages:

We have a number of PNOE Metabolic Testing Packages available:

  • RMR Test (No fitness testing): £145 (1 hour required)
  • Once-Off Test: £275 (RMR & VO2 Max with report) (90 minute initial assessment, plus 30-60 minute follow up)
  • Test/Re-test: £425 (12 week post-programme test) (re-test requires 1 hour, plus 30 minute follow up)
  • Annual: £745 (x4 full RMR and VO2 Max tests per year, 12 weeks apart)

If specific nutrition programming is required, this is charged at £100 for the first month, and £50 each month thereafter.

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