• PNOE Metabolic Testing is all you need to take your health and fitness to the next level. It is a million dollar biometric lab, previously only available to elite athletes – but now available at The Carter & George Practice. It is the only scientific method that can find your health and fitness limitations, and design a personalised plan to fix them (validated by a number of the worlds leading academic institutions).

    The test scans your breath with clinical precision and analyses every system vital to your health and performance. It evaluates how effective your breathing is, how efficiently your lungs absorb oxygen, how well your heart pumps it into your body and how well your cells use it to burn fat and carbohydrates.

    It then pinpoints your weak spots, recommends the training, nutrition and recovery strategies to fix them, and helps you achieve your goals – whether that be sustainable weight loss, improved sports performance or increasing your general health.

    After the test, you gain access to the PNOE Precision Metabolic app, which is the first app that tracks your activity, nutrition, sleep and mental readiness – all in one place. The app calibrates with all smart wearables (Apple Watch, Whoop etc), and makes it able to track calories twice more accurately, measure how many carbohydrates and fat you burn, your heart and lung fitness, your VO2Max and your metabolic efficiency. All this data tracks your biological age in real time, accessed through the app.

    PNOE Metabolic Testing helps you get the most out of your training by determining your personalised training zones based on heart rate and power.

    Why are training zones important?

    Training Zones bases on heart rate are the most efficient way of getting faster results with your training. For example, you burn most of your fat within Zone 2, whereas you develop muscular endurance in Zone 4.

    Training zones calculated by formulas or smart watches may be as much as 25% off. This means when you think you are training in Zone 2, you may actually be training in Zone 3 – reducing all the fat burning benefits you think you are getting.

    The PNOE Metabolic test solves this by finding your exact training zones, to the heartbeat. The PNOE Metabolic app then synchronises with any smart wearable, to ensure you are always training in the correct zone.


    PNOE Metabolic testing also allows you to find the perfect nutrition strategy for your body and your goals. It measures the amount of calories, carbohydrates and fat that you burn. We are able to curate a bespoke nutrition plan, including meal plans, recipes and shopping lists – all based on your metabolic data gained from the test and wearables.

    Who is it for?

    For Athletes:

    PNOE Metabolic testing can tailor your programme to ensure every training session you are hitting the exact training zones required to improve the metrics we identify that need improving. It can also pinpoint the exact pace or power your body can sustain with its current energy utilisation, allowing you to design your optimum training and race pace with precision – and prevent you from hitting the wall.

    Weight Loss:

    The test will allow us to decipher the exact amount of calories you need to be in calorie deficit. It will also allow us to tell you the exact training intensity you need to work at for maximum fat and calorie burning, and design a bespoke nutrition programme to maximise your results in record time.

    General Population:

    If you want to get fitter, PNOE Metabolic testing makes sure your workouts are ultra-efficient, so you do not waste time and energy. You will get significantly faster results with a training and nutrition programme based on your personal physiology. The test can also identify if there are any cardiovascular, metabolic or respiratory conditions (such as heart valve issues, COPD or diabetes).

    PNOE Metabolic Testing is the gold standard in data led physiology and health assessment. It combines the very latest in human performance technology, exercise physiology, nutrition and sports science to ensure highly accurate exercise and nutrition plans are designed – and consequently, faster and more sustainable results are achieved.


    We have a number of PNOE Metabolic Testing Packages available:

    RMR Test (No fitness testing): £135

    One Off Test: £225 (RMR & VO2 Max with report)

    Test/Re-test: £395 (re-test is done 12 weeks later)

    Annual: £695 (x4 full RMR and VO2 Max tests per year, 12 weeks apart)