Alex Braybrooke

Alex is a highly skilled physiotherapist with a first-class integrated master’s degree from Keele University. With a diverse range of experiences under his belt, Alex brings a unique perspective and expertise to our team at The Carter & George Practice.

During his training, Alex had the opportunity to work with the Great Britain Cycling Team, where he provided support to elite athletes at prestigious international events such as the UCI World Road Race Championships and the Tour of Britain. As a former semi-professional cyclist himself, Alex’s passion for sports and athletics runs deep. He is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their peak potential in recovery from injury and preventing future injuries.

Beyond his clinical work, Alex is also a postgraduate researcher at Keele University, pursuing his PhD in Physiotherapy. His research focuses on improving data visualization in community musculoskeletal services, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the field of physiotherapy and enhancing patient care.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Alex leads an active lifestyle centered around sports and fitness. You’ll often find him cycling, running, or pushing his limits in competitions like his recent completion of his first Hyrox event.