Jamie graduated from Teesside University receiving a first degree with honours. His previous experience includes working in a specialist hand trauma centre and an elective orthopaedic unit.
The decision to choose a career in private practice stemmed from enjoying a 4 year career as an elite Personal Trainer in Kensington and Chelsea. His desire to rehabilitate clients from their injuries is what prompted his career progression. Now, Jamie is passionate about combining these two careers; guiding those with injuries through a stringent regime of physiotherapy and strength and conditioning.
Jamie is an expert myofascial release technician using modern techniques such as rock-blading ‘graston’ and rock-podding ‘cupping’. Both modalities are used to increase the movement of deeper soft tissues, based on the ‘side and glide’ theory and to desensitise and reduce pain. He also is qualified in IMS (Specialist technique for spinal pain and neck stiffness), Dry Needling and Acupuncture, which form a key part of his treatment plans – and offers advances practice techniques such as Shockwave Therapy for tendon injuries.
As a multi-sports fan with an interest in sports rehab he relishes the opportunity to work with keen sporting individuals, or even those who are just starting out. He is personable and empathetic with his patients and always strives for the best outcome.
Jamie’s personal interests include road cycling, exercising and eating his way through London’s burger restaurants.