FREYA Wickham

Freya studied Criminology and Sociology at Royal Holloway, where she achieved a 2:1. However her passion was netball, where she played to a high standard and was trying to become a professional. Freya was in the England Development Programme from the age of 14. After suffering complete ACL and meniscus tears in 2014 and 2015, Freya became interested in the human body and in particular, rehabilitation from injury. She acted on her new passion and retrained as a Personal Trainer in order to help others recover from injury. In 2018, she ruptured her ACL again, where she met Rhys to take her through her rehabilitation – at which point Rhys was impressed by her knowledge and understanding of injury. Freya then joined The Carter & George Practice as a Personal Trainer, Rehabilitation Specialist and Strength and Conditioning Coach.
Freya incorporates weight training, cardio and movement as part of all her appointments. She also leads 1-1 Pilates sessions and small group classes as part of her program, particularly useful for those suffering with long term lower back pain. Freya specialises in the rehabilitation of knee, shoulder and lower back injuries; as well as body transformation and weight loss. All her sessions are designed to be fun but focused.
Freya is currently undertaking an MSc in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.