During a deep tissue massage therapy (otherwise known as sports massage), the therapist targets specific areas to help release tension, recover sore muscles and reduce the chance of injury. Deep tissue massage can be used as a warm up before a big event (or after as recovery) or just to keep the body at its peak.

Sports massage works by increasing blood circulation to the tissue, allowing it to lengthen and stretch. It is most commonly used for back massage and shoulder massage – but it can be used on any muscle group.

Sports massage is not just for athletes though. As well as sports people, we also see office workers, soon to be mums, teachers etc – everyone can benefit from this treatment.

Deep tissue massage is also great for stress relief, and is particularly useful for those who spend countless hours sitting behind their computer. It can help with soft tissue rehabilitation and improve posture.

All therapists are fully qualified and registered with their respective governing bodies.

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