2nd June 20

Things at our practice are slowly returning to the so-called ‘new normal’, and we have been really busy – considering the restrictions and circumstances.

As you know, we are very keen on recovery here. I have probably bored you before talking about the 4 pillars of performance (Training, Nutrition, Sleep and Recovery). Most people take good care of their training and nutrition – but sleep and recovery often lag behind. Recovery can come in many forms, including massage and cryotherapy (ice treatment

One of our favourite forms of recovery is PhysioLab cryotherapy. You may have even tried it in the clinic? It offers rapid recovery from injury and training by using intense compression of a muscle or joint – whilst circulating ice cold water to reduce inflammation. It works really well after surgery or acute injury. Click the link above to learn more.

Often the right recovery method, depends on the diagnosis – for example, if the injury requires ice or heat treatment. We are lucky at our practice to offer Diagnostic Ultrasound Scans. These scans can help show ligament and muscle injuries, which allows us to give a more accurate diagnosis of an injury – which in turn means we can be accurate in our predictions of how long the injury will take to recover.

Whilst ultrasound scans are not always necessary, and they are not so good for certain areas (like back pain), they do give us a clear idea of the best management plan for that particular injury. 

If you’d like to get a recovery strategy in place, we are now reopen – albeit with restrictions. Furthermore, Freya returned to the clinic this week to begin rehab, strength and conditioning and personal training sessions (in our new outdoor gym – making the most of the sunshine!).

Get in touch if you need any help.