6th April 23

Hip and Knee Replacement in Lithuania

Orthopaedic Surgery

Getting surgical care in the UK can be a long and frustrating process, with waiting lists for hip and knee replacements often stretching into months.

According to recent statistics from Hertfordshire, people may have to wait up to 3 years for hip replacement surgery and 2 years for knee replacements.

Whilst, at The Carter & George Practice, we will always try and help you with non surgical treatments, including physiotherapy, exercise and (if required) pain modifiers such as a steroid injection – sometimes surgical intervention is required.

We are proud to be working with NordOrthopaedics, based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Who are NordOrthopaedics?

NordOrthopaedics is the leading orthopaedic surgery clinic in Lithuania, providing state of the art hip and knee replacement services. The highly experienced team of medical professionals have been treating for over 20 years, using the latest technological advances to ensure outstanding results.

They specialize in hip and knee replacements, as well as other arthroscopic and reconstructive surgeries.

Initial Consultation with NordOrthopaedics

The clinic offers a range of services to help you skip the waiting list. Patients can arrange an appointment through their website, with the initial consultation taking place via Skype or Zoom.

NordOrthopaedics offers competitive prices and a fast turnaround time – within two weeks you can expect to have their hip or knee replacement surgery completed and be on the way to recovery.

NordOrthopaedics is committed to providing a high level of care for all patients, regardless of geographical location. The clinic is conveniently located close to Vilnius International Airport, making it easy to get there from anywhere in Europe.