18th May 23

Who are The Carter & George Practice?

Our co-founders, Jamie George and Rhys Carter, established The Carter & George Practice with the vision of making elite medical treatments (usually reserved for high-level athletes) accessible to everyone.

The synergy of Rhys’ professional and experienced physiotherapy background, with Jamie’s unique understanding as a professional rugby player, allows The Carter & George Practice to provide a uniquely well-rounded service to all our patients.

The Carter & George Practice is a sports injury clinic and consists of a team of highly qualified professionals (sports physiotherapists, sports therapists and strength & conditioning experts) with specialist knowledge, spanning a diverse range of conditions and treatments.

These include advanced skills such as shockwave therapy and IMS Needling, as well as sports massage, manual therapy techniques and exercise rehabilitation.

Our team works collaboratively to treat our patients with a balanced approach that is usually reserved for professional athletes.

Specialising in sports injury (for more about what a sports physio does, click here), The Carter & George Practice provide the highest level of care to all our patients. Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of sports injuries, allowing us to provide tailored treatment plans and rehabilitation services that are constantly updated with the most current research.

With experience treating everyone from professional athletes to amateur sports enthusiasts, our team have the knowledge and expertise necessary to diagnose and treat any sport-related injury.

The Carter & George Practice are dedicated to helping you reach your goals by providing effective treatment in a safe and supportive environment.