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Enhancing Physiotherapy Services with a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor

How a Holistic Approach can Benefit Patients

Comprehensive healthcare is pivotal in the realm of physiotherapy, offering a holistic approach to client recovery and
health maintenance. This concept involves the collaboration of various healthcare professionals, including sports and
exercise medicine doctors, to deliver well-rounded, integrated care.

This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all aspects of care are addressed, from rehabilitation to lifestyle
modifications and preventative measures. With such comprehensive patient care, clients receive individualized
treatment plans tailored to their specific needs, leading to more effective and sustainable outcomes.

This is particularly relevant in the field of sports physiotherapy, where managing injuries, promoting recovery, and
preventing future harm are all key considerations that benefit significantly from a comprehensive health care

What Exercise Medicine Sport Consultants can do to Aid Physiotherapy

Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) doctors are senior doctors who are integral members of the comprehensive
healthcare team, particularly within the realm of physiotherapy. Their expertise lies in the comprehensive
management of sports and exercise injuries and illness, often working in collaboration with other healthcare
professionals to deliver well-rounded, integrated care.

Services Sports Medicine Consultants Can Offer

Their scope of practice extends beyond injury rehabilitation, encompassing preventative healthcare through lifestyle
modifications and exercise prescriptions. They are trained to address physical fitness issues, prescribe appropriate
exercises, and promote overall wellness, making them invaluable in the field of sports physiotherapy.

Their medical profession often involves not only assisting in the recovery of active individuals but also helping them
enhance their performance and prevent future injuries.

While there is considerable overlap in the roles of Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) consultants and
physiotherapists, SEM consultants are specialty doctors who bring distinct capabilities to the table due to their
medical training. Firstly, they are authorized to diagnose medical conditions, enabling early intervention and prompt
treatment, a function that physiotherapists can’t perform.

Secondly, SEM consultants can administer medical treatments such as prescribing medication or conducting minor
surgical procedures, another capacity beyond a physiotherapist’s scope. Lastly, SEM consultants can oversee the
entire recovery process, including rehabilitation, return to activity, and prevention of future injuries, ensuring holistic
care for patients.

Their broader expertise in systematic disease management and comprehensive medical knowledge complements the
specialized, hands-on support physiotherapists provide, creating a more encompassing approach to patient care.

The Role of a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor in Physiotherapy

A Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) doctor is a specialist who focuses on the medical and therapeutic aspects of
sports and exercise participation. They treat conditions and injuries that typically occur in sports, such as ligament
tears, muscle strains, concussion, and bone fractures. SEM doctors also help manage chronic illnesses that can
affect physical performance, such as asthma and diabetes.

Injury Prevention

Beyond treatment, SEM doctors play a significant role in injury prevention. They conduct pre-participation physical
examinations to ensure athletes are fit to compete and provide advice on safe training practices and proper
equipment use. They also guide athletes on proper nutrition and hydration to optimize their performance and

SEM Alongside Physiotherapy

In a physiotherapy setting, SEM doctors collaborate closely with physical therapists to coordinate care. They can
provide diagnoses, prescribe medications, and oversee rehabilitation programs. Together with physiotherapists, they
work to ensure that patients can safely return to their desired level of physical activity as quickly as possible.

The Connection between Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy

Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) and physiotherapy may seem like distinct fields, but they are interconnected,
particularly within a sports context. SEM doctors and physiotherapists often work together as part of a
multidisciplinary team aimed at providing well-rounded, comprehensive care for athletes and other individuals
engaged in physical activity.

From a clinical perspective, SEM doctors diagnose and manage conditions, prescribe medications, and implement
treatment plans, including exercise protocols. Physiotherapists, on the other hand, provide hands-on care, advise
patients on therapeutic exercises, and oversee the execution of rehabilitation programs designed by SEM doctors.
They also provide vital feedback to SEM doctors about a patient’s progress, which can influence the ongoing
management plan.

Prevention of Reinjury

In the preventative domain, both professionals play a crucial role, armed with the understanding that prevention is
better than cure. SEM doctors focus on injury prevention by conducting pre-participation examinations and providing
advice on safe training practices and appropriate nutrition. Physiotherapists, meanwhile, educate patients about
correct movement techniques and body mechanics to avoid potential injuries and ensure optimal performance.

The intersection of these two fields allows for a more holistic approach to healthcare, combining the strengths of both
professions to maximize patient outcomes. This synergy is particularly beneficial in sports physiotherapy, where the
goal is not only to treat injuries but also to enhance an athlete’s performance and prevent future harm.

Physical Benefits of a Sport and Exercise Medicine approach

Adhering to a Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) approach has numerous physical benefits, largely due to its
comprehensive, preventative, and rehabilitative nature.

From an injury prevention standpoint, SEM doctors provide essential guidance on safe exercise practices, body
mechanics, and use of appropriate equipment, all of which help reduce the risk of sports-related injuries.
These plans not only facilitate recovery from injuries, but they also aim to enhance physical performance and
minimize the risk of future injuries.

Moreover, the incorporation of exercise prescriptions can assist in the management and prevention of chronic
diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Consequently, the SEM approach contributes significantly to
improving overall physical health and fitness, optimizing sports performance, and enhancing the quality of life.

How our Physiotherapy Service will Improve with a Sports and Exercise Medicine Doctor

Incorporating a Sports and Exercise Medicine (SEM) doctor into our physiotherapy service will markedly enhance our
level of care. A SEM doctor will provide in-depth diagnosis and treatment plans, complementing the work of our
physiotherapists. This integration allows for seamless communication between professionals, leading to more
efficient and effective care for our patients.

Dr Daniel Broman

Dr. Daniel Broman is a lead Consultant in Musculoskeletal, Sport and Exercise Medicine. He is the current Head of
Sports Medicine for City Football Group and Head of Medical Governance at the Football Association.

In addition to NHS and private clinical practice, Dr. Broman has previously acted as club doctor for West Ham United
Football Club where he worked with the team both domestically in the Premier League and internationally for UEFA

He is a consultant for the UK Sports Institute and previously acted as Chief Medical Officer for British Canoeing. He
has also previously held roles at Chelsea Football Club, Reading Football Club and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
Dr. Broman has special interest in the use of physical activity as a therapeutic intervention for many medical
conditions. He is a strong advocate for a non-surgical approach to sports medicine and musculoskeletal health,
believing that exercise is medicine and central to recovery from injury.


Dr. Broman graduated in Medicine in 2010 and underwent specialist training in Acute Medicine in London becoming a
Member of the Royal College of Physicians in 2014. He was awarded a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine, Exercise
and Health from University College London in 2015 and subsequently completed Higher Specialist Training in Sport
and Exercise Medicine in London.

Specialist Training

During his specialist training, he also gained a PGCert in Medical Ultrasound with distinction from AECC University
College. In 2019, Dr. Broman was appointed as a Consultant and became a Fellow of the Faculty of Sport and
Exercise Medicine with inclusion on to the GMC’s Specialist Register.

Carter & George Physiotherapy

We highly encourage all our patients to take advantage of our newly improved service with Dr Daniel Broman. By
doing so, you’re not just treating an injury, you’re investing in your future health and performance.

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