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Shockwave Therapy for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment primarily used in orthopaedics, physiotherapy, and sports medicine. It utilizes pressurized acoustic waves to stimulate metabolic activity and accelerate the body’s innate healing process.

Especially beneficial for the patient suffering from musculoskeletal conditions such as tendinitis or sports injuries, shockwave therapy often results in rapid pain relief and mobility restoration.

By promoting cell regeneration and enhancing blood circulation, this innovative therapy can effectively address various medical conditions without the need for surgical intervention.

Shockwave treatment is exceptionally positioned to treat the rising incidence of musculoskeletal injuries owing to its non-invasive nature, swift pain relief, and mobility restoration characteristics.

It capitalizes on the body’s own healing processes, fostering cell regeneration and enhancing blood circulation. Thus, shockwave therapy offers an efficient, non-surgical solution to a range of musculoskeletal conditions, serving as a testament to innovative medical advancements.

More and more physiotherapy specialists are using shockwave therapy to deliver faster and more effective results to their patients.

The Science Behind Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy works by delivering a series of high-energy percussions directly to the target area. These shockwaves are characterized by a sudden and intense increase in pressure, much like a sonic boom.

When these waves pass through tissue, they stimulate the body’s natural healing response. This is primarily achieved through the promotion of neovascularization, the formation of new blood vessels.

The new blood vessels improve blood supply and oxygenation, leading to faster healing and tissue regeneration. Moreover, the shockwaves also stimulate the cells to release certain biochemical signals that help to reduce pain and inflammation.

Evidence-Based Research on the Effectiveness of Shockwave Therapy

Numerous scientific studies support the effectiveness of shockwave therapy in treating musculoskeletal injuries. A significant body of research has demonstrated shockwave therapy’s ability to provide pain relief and improve functionality.

For instance, a 2018 systematic review and meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation analyzed multiple randomized controlled trials. The study found that patients receiving shockwave therapy for shoulder tendinopathies experienced significant pain reduction and improved shoulder function compared to a patient control group.

Another compelling piece of research is a 2019 study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ). The randomized, placebo-controlled trial involved patients suffering from plantar fasciitis. The results indicated that the group treated with physiotherapy for plantar fasciitis (which included shockwave therapy) reported a higher rate of pain relief and improved quality of life after three months, compared to the placebo group.

These and other studies illustrate the robust and good evidence supporting the effectiveness of shockwave therapy as a non-invasive treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

  • Accelerated Healing Process
  • Non-Invasive and Safe Treatment
  • Reduced Pain and Improved Functionality
  • Applicable to a Wide Range of Musculoskeletal Conditions such as Tennis Elbow, Rotator Cuff Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendon pain, – and more.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study: Jamie George Recovery from Plantar Fasciitis

‘I was struggling with plantar fasciitis in the middle of last season and I thought my rugby season may be cut short, or a rest period may be required.

Fortunately, our clinic uses Shockwave Therapy for this exact issue and after a few treatments with shockwave therapy, the plantar fascia pain started to ease and eventually disappeared completely. It enabled me to stay fit until the end of the season despite a very busy period with England and Saracens.

Whilst I am not a physiotherapist, my team are proud to use the EMS Dolorclast machine, which I would have no problem in endorsing – thanks to the results I have personally seen and those that have been experienced from our patients at The Carter & George Practice’

Testimonials (shared with consent):

‘After two years of pain and visiting different private physiotherapist practices, Rhys has found the source of my shoulder pain and is treating accordingly with shockwave therapy. So happy to feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just to update this review – Rhys did manage to make my shoulder completely pain free now after two years of pain. I’ll never go anywhere else for physiotherapy now, Thank you’ – Kerry R.

‘I want to say a big thank you to Carter & George for their help with my rotator cuff and frozen shoulder. I was in excruciating pain before I came to the practice, now I am able to move freely again and have no pain.

The Physiotherapy treatment sessions were great, I had the shockwave therapy which worked wonders to relieve pain and I no longer need pain killers.’ – Gordon N.

Our Expertise in Shockwave Therapy and Sports Injuries

At our clinic, we boast a dedicated and highly trained team of physiotherapy specialists, all of whom have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge in the field of musculoskeletal health. Our team includes a variety of private physiotherapist, sports therapists and strength and conditioning coaches.

As experts in shockwave therapy, we stay abreast of the latest research and advancements to provide you with the most effective treatment. Our unwavering commitment to patient care, coupled with our expertise in non-invasive procedures, makes us ideally placed to treat a wide range of muscle and tendon injuries.

Whether you’re suffering from a sports-related injury or chronic pain due to age or lifestyle, our physiotherapy health professionals are equipped and ready to guide you on your journey to recovery with expert advice and treatment.

We use EMS Swiss Dolorclast – The Market Leader in Shockwave Therapy

The EMS Swiss Dolorclast Master Shockwave Machine is the epitome of technological sophistication and medical innovation in the field of shockwave therapy treatment. It is renowned for its precision, versatility, and superior performance, setting the industry standard for non-invasive musculoskeletal treatments.

What makes the EMS Swiss Dolorclast stand out is its efficacy in delivering high-frequency shockwaves with pinpoint accuracy to the target area, promoting rapid healing and reducing the patient’s recovery time from injury to tendons and muscles.

Furthermore, supported by an extensive body of clinical research and endorsed by leading healthcare and physiotherapy professionals worldwide, the EMS Swiss Dolorclast Master Shockwave Machine unquestionably commands its position as the best in the market.

As a leading private physiotherapist practice, we are proud to use this device in all our clinics.

Why choose The Carter & George Practice?

The Carter & George Practice is a private physiotherapist group, renowned for our state-of-the-art facilities that are purpose-built for delivering superior patient care. Equipped with the latest technologies, such as the EMS Swiss Dolorclast Master Shockwave Machine, we provide innovative, evidence-based treatments in an environment designed for comfort and healing.

Our practice is defined by our commitment to excellence and our dedication to improving the health and well-being of our patients. Hence, we continue to invest in and leverage cutting-edge medical innovations to maintain our position as leaders in the field of musculoskeletal health and physiotherapy treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Shockwave Therapy

What conditions can be treated with shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a versatile treatment modality, applicable to a broad spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, It formulates part of of a plan of physiotherapy for tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis (or tight Achilles tendon), and rotator cuff pain.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial for treating calcified tendons, jumper’s knee pain (patellar tendinitis), hip pain including trochanteric bursitis, and certain types of chronic low back pain. It is an effective treatment for torn muscles.

Therefore, if you are experiencing musculoskeletal pain, shockwave therapy might be a suitable treatment option for you. Your private physiotherapist will discuss this option with you.

What should I expect during a shockwave therapy session?

During a shockwave therapy session, the clinician will identify the area that needs treatment and apply a gel to this part of your body, which helps the shockwave machine make better contact. The shockwave machine will then direct pulses at the targeted area.

These pulses are not generally painful, but you’ll feel a tapping sensation on your skin and into your muscles during the treatment that can be uncomfortable.

Each shockwave therapy session typically lasts between 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the specific condition being treated. The treatment will be performed as part of a normal physiotherapy appointment and may accompany other treatment techniques such as manual therapy and exercise.

How many shockwave therapy sessions are typically required for effective results?

You may experience significant improvement immediately after one session, but typically it takes between 4-6 sessions of shockwave to resolve your injury. Your physiotherapist will discuss and offer advice on your expected prognosis in your appointment.

Are there any side effects or risks associated with shockwave therapy?

There are very few side effects of shockwave, although it may cause some discomfort and bruising to muscles on rare occasions.

Is shockwave therapy covered by private health insurance? How much does it cost?

Yes. Most major private health insurance companies will cover shockwave therapy. Please note you may need a separate authorisation code to your physiotherapy treatments.

You can also pay privately through self referral. The price of an appointment with our physiotherapy specialists includes the use of shockwave therapy if required

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