Gráinne Kellett

Gráinne is a dedicated physiotherapy professional, graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Hertfordshire. Her diverse training encompassed various clinical specialties, including orthopaedics, amputees, and musculoskeletal outpatients. She honed her skills further with esteemed organizations like Arsenal FC, where she immersed herself in strength and conditioning alongside physiotherapy.

Embarking on her career journey, Gráinne delved into private physiotherapy practice, accumulating invaluable experience in managing a spectrum of musculoskeletal conditions, sports injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation. Her focus on lower limb injuries reflects her passion for facilitating patients’ return to sport, striving to restore their peak athletic performance and prevent recurrence of injury.

Gráinne’s commitment to professional development is evident, pursuing the FA Diploma in Football Sports Medicine. Her involvement in groundbreaking research on lower limb muscular endurance underscores her dedication to advancing the field. This research was acknowledged with an invitation for publication, highlighting her contribution to advancing knowledge in physiotherapy.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Gráinne is an avid football player, competing at a competitive level. She finds joy in cultivating meaningful connections with friends and exploring new destinations through travel.