Pin Khor

Pin is an accomplished sports therapist originating from Malaysia. Pin holds a first-class honour degree in Sports Therapy from the esteemed University of Essex, complemented by a diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. These qualifications form the foundation of his extensive knowledge and skillset.

Pin’s professional journey led him to working with the first team of AFC Wimbledon. This experience not only enriched his expertise but also provided invaluable insights into the football industry in England. His commitment to AFC Wimbledon continues through contributions to the academy. In addition to his role with AFC Wimbledon, Pin has served as a Sports Therapist for Essex Rebels Men’s Basketball. His journey has also experience at physiotherapy clinics, both within his university campus and in his home country, Malaysia.

Pin firmly believes in the importance of contextualizing injuries within the broader framework of an individual’s health and lifestyle. This holistic approach is central to effective rehabilitation and enhancing overall quality of life.

Pin’s affinity for sports began in his formative years. He explored a myriad of sports, ultimately finding enjoyment in football and table tennis. His deep connection with sports has shaped his dedication to the field of sports therapy.

Away from his practice, Pin treasures moments spent with friends and embraces exploration throughout the UK and Europe. His passion for travel and cultural immersion fuels his desire to connect with diverse experiences. With a passion for outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and travel, Pin brings a unique blend of cultural diversity and a love for sports to his professional practice.