Lower back pain is the most common injury we see in our clinic. It is estimated that over 80% of adults report lower back pain each year, and that as a result, 8.9 million working days per year are lost. It is now the leading cause of long term disability in the UK.

Lower back pain is generally a symptom of something else that is underlying. Usually, this is a ‘mechanical’ issue, such as an incorrect movement pattern, but it could also be down to degenerative changes, inflammation and muscle strains. The good news is that it is almost always successfully treated with Physiotherapy.

As Physiotherapists, we take a deep look as to why you are in pain, whether that be a movement issue or something else. Once we have found out what exactly is causing your pain, we can formulate a treatment plan to fix the problem.

Some of the techniques for lower back pain treatment include:

Usually, with a structured treatment plan, you can expect to see results immediately, and permanent results within 4-8 weeks.

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