16th May 19

You might have seen our social media posts last week – but in case you didn’t…
We are very excited to announce our new partnership with Rock Tape UK! Rock Tape is the premium supplier of Tape and Physiotherapy equipment in the UK, US and Australia. Their products are second to none, so when the opportunity came along to work with them, we jumped at it!
You can check them out here: www.rocktape.co.uk
There’s a reason so many professional athletes use their products. And with our ambition to provide you with the experience of an elite athlete – it was a no brainer for us to use Rock Tape in our clinic with our patients.
It gets better… We will be offering EXCLUSIVE prices on products to our patients – which are less than you can get them for elsewhere!
What do we have:
physiotherapy tape hoddesdon
RockTape – The tape thats’s got a tighter weave, stronger sticking power and ever greater elasticity. This tape is perfect for high performance athletes or extreme sport competitors – as well as the weekend warriors!
RockBalls – The duo that will break through the tough tissues and trigger points. They are conveniently sized so are easy to take with you anywhere, even travelling.
RockBand Flex – The all-in-one solution for rehabilitation, mobility and stretching. These latex free bands have 3 resistances and allows athletes of any level to improve their strength, range of motion and flexibility.
RockSauce – If you need pain relief that lasts hours, RockSauce is the product for you! The heating sensation combined with pain reliving ingredients can sooth sore joints and muscles. Think of it as a more intense ‘Deep Heat’.
If you would like any information about any of their products, let us know!
All of these products are available in the clinic now!