6th May 23

What is injury screening?

Injury screening is a proactive approach taken by a physiotherapist to identify potential injuries before they become severe. It typically includes a comprehensive physical exam that can detect any underlying conditions or activities that may lead to an injury, as well as preventive measures such as physiotherapy treatment (including manual therapy techniques), warm-up exercises and stretching that can reduce the risk of injury.

We are proud to offer this holistic approach to injury management at Hertford, Radlett and our newest practice, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Why should you get an injury screening?

It is important to get an injury screening in order to identify any risk of an injury before they become serious. By catching the signs and symptoms early, it can help prevent more costly medical treatments and physiotherapy down the road.

Additionally, regular screenings can provide valuable insight into areas you may need to focus on for better performance and optimal health. It is appropriate for anyone suffering with any type of pain – from neck pain to a sports injury, or those that are looking to prevent the need to seek treatment.

Injury Screening Service at Carter & George

At Carter & George physio clinic, we offer comprehensive injury screening services that are designed to help you prevent and manage any potential injuries or pain conditions – and ultimately keep you pain free.

Our team of professional health care practitioners use state-of-the-art technology and methods to assess your current physical condition to identify potential areas of vulnerability.