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Many (if not all) operations require some type of rehabilitation to help aide recovery. Surgeries including total knee replacements, total hip replacements and spinal surgery require significant treatment to improve the range of movement and strength of the surrounding muscles. This is essential for the long term success of these procedures.

We work closely with surgeons, both local and those further afield, in order to streamline a great recovery for our patients. We are well equipped here, offering physiotherapy, specialist rehabilitation and state of the art cryotherapy compression with CTC. We also have a specialist private rehabilitation gym.

As Physiotherapists, we take a deep look into the best way for you to recover. We can then formulate a treatment plan to accelerate the recovery, safely.

Usually, with a structured treatment plan, you can expect to see results within a matter of weeks – and most people experience and improvement in their pain and function immediately.

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We have access to the best surgeons in Hertfordshire and London. If you would like a recommendation for an appropriate consultant (whether you are closer to Hertford, Radlett or Hitchin), please let us know.