CG C029


Physiotherapy £50/session (£54 with Lead Physios)
Shockwave Included in session (if required)
Injury Screening £50/session
Strapping/Taping clinic £5/joint

Specialist Services

Women’s Health Assessment Please contact us for a complimentary assessment
Mummy MOT £97
Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan £95
Steroid (Cortisone) Injection (Hoddesdon) £165
Hyaluronic Acid Injection (Hoddesdon) £195
PRP Injection (Hoddesdon) £250

Personal Training

Personal Training/Strength & Conditioning £40/session, x 5 sessions: £180, x 10 sessions: £340
Group Classes Click here to book
Weight Loss Please contact us for details
Sports Performance Training £40/session
Running Analysis and training £45/session
Golfer’s Club £45/session


Massage £36/30mins, £65/hour
Pilates (1-1, 1-2)  £60/session (1-1), £80 (2-1)
Pregnancy Massage/Post-natal Massage £50/30mins, £90/hour
Abdominal Scar Therapy £125 (initial), £105 (follow up)
Counselling (Hoddesdon Only) £50/session
Reflexology (Hoddesdon Only) £40/session, Aromaflex: £50/session