Supporting Your Pregnancy Journey

We understand that the journey from early pregnancy through to being a new mum can be daunting and on occasions, you might feel like you have lots of questions and nobody professional to as them to. Equally, many new mums we see find the physical strain of pregnancy difficult. We have designed a programme tailored for ‘Mums-to-be’ to take care of you from the start of your pregnancy, to 16 weeks post-natal. The package includes:

  • When you are 16 weeks pregnant, an initial 60-minute consultation with a Womens Health Specialist Physiotherapist.
  • From 16 weeks, weekly 1-1 pre-natal Pilates sessions.
  • Also from 16 weeks, a weekly 60 minute pregnancy massage with our Womens Health Physiotherapist.
  • Phone check-ins from your Physiotherapist in those early few weeks with your little one.
  • A 60-minute home visit 10 days after your new arrival from your Womens Health Physiotherapist to discuss early exercises for pelvic floor health, and advise on anything from pain management to breast feeding.
  • A Mummy MOT post-natal check-up 6-8 weeks post-partum
  • Following the Mummy MOT, a 1-1,  8-week ‘Core and Pelvic Floor Restore Programme’ with your Womens Health Physiotherapist.

The package is aimed to support you throughout your journey, and our specialists are on hand to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

This package is available at all our practices. If you would like to speak to one of our Womens Health Specialists about this programme, please click here.

Price: £3495