Whiplash is simply an umbrella term we use to describe rapid, uncontrolled movement through a range of movement. It is usually used to describe an injury to the neck, shoulder and upper back – however it can technically occur in all areas, including the lower back. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries reported in the UK, with over 500,000 cases diagnosed each year.

Whiplash is usually caused by a traumatic incident, such as a motor accident, high contact sport like rugby or a roller-coaster. It causes multiple areas of soft tissue damage, and occasionally nerve irritation. On occasions, the injury can be more serious and cause bony and spinal cord injuries. Typical symptoms include dull pain, stiffness and headaches. The good news is that it is almost always successfully treated with Physiotherapy.

As Physiotherapists, we take a deep look as to why you are in pain, whether that be a movement issue or something else. Once we have found out what exactly is causing your pain, we can formulate a treatment plan to fix the problem.

Some of the techniques for whiplash treatment include:

Usually, with a structured treatment plan, you can expect to see results immediately, and permanent results within 8-12 weeks.

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