CG C323

Our injury screening and prehabilitation service aims to reduce the risk of injury by addressing areas of weakness, lack of flexibility, imbalances, training patterns or altered functional movement. It is common practice among professional sports teams during their preseason training, but can be equally helpful to the average population.

In the session, we will assess each joint range of movement, isolated and combined muscle strength, your current training regime and any changes in functional movement patterns you may have. We do this with a device called a dynamometer – which gives us highly accurate data on any strength deficits. We then show you an exercise program that can help minimize this risk to help you continue training and minimizing injury risk.

It can be useful for those who have recurrent injuries, those beginning a new training program, those who are in preseason training and those who want to maximize the efficient use of their body. It is equally useful for those who are awaiting orthopaedic surgery and want to minimize the post-operative recovery time.