23rd March 18

Spring has officially sprung; and although it doesn’t always feel like it, now is a great time to start making the most of the brighter days with some exercise.


The benefits of exercise are no secret; mentally and physically, just thirty minutes of physical activity a few times a week works absolute wonders for our overall health and wellbeing. And now that the days are getting longer, why not use a rejuvenated workout routine as an excuse to get the most out of the great outdoors?

Being outside in the sunshine, for a brisk walk, jog or cycle, is hugely beneficial – not least because of the fresh air and vitamin D. If walking, work up to a pace where you’re lightly perspiring for at least half an hour – this is a sign that you’re working your body enough. If you can build up to a jog or run, even for just minute-long intervals, this will increase your heart-rate further and will really engage your joints and muscles.


If you find that when you come home from work you’re too tired, why not try getting up half an hour earlier to get some exercise done in the morning? A 20-minute ab workout on a yoga matt in the garden, with some light cardio (such as jumping jacks or burpies) thrown in to get your heart pumping, is a great way to get your body ready for the day ahead.


You can also find group running clubs or exercise classes in your local area that take place outside, which could be a fun way to do some exercise in a relaxed group setting. We will also offer Pilates classes designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body when we open next month. Classes will be run to suit different levels of fitness and experience.

Exercising releases endorphins that react with receptors in the brain, reducing perceptions of pain and triggering positive feelings in the body not dissimilar to the effect of morphine. Therefore, you’ll actually feel more energised and invigorated post-workout than you would have done beforehand. Who wouldn’t want to start a sunny day on such a note of physical elation?


Not only this, but keeping mobile is really important if you want to keep your body in optimum condition as you age. In this post we talked about joint care; and as we discussed, light and frequent exercise is a key way in which to build muscle and keep joints moving, so that joint health doesn’t deteriorate too quickly.


Inevitably, not every day of the Spring and Summer is going to bring us glorious sunshine. But when you do wake up to a clear sky, make the most of it by getting out there and pushing your physical boundaries a little bit. Your mind and body will thank you!