Pop-up physiotherapy clinics in Hertford this month

6th February 2018

Can’t wait until we open to try some of our elite physio treatments? Neither can we. That’s why we’re hosting FOUR pop-up clinics at two locations in Hertford this month, so that you can be treated at a hugely discounted rate, and see for yourself how physiotherapy could benefit you.   Members of our team…

Rotator Cuff Injuries

29th October 2018

What is the rotator cuff? The rotator cuff is comprised of a group of muscles and tendons which surround the shoulder joint. They work together to keep the shoulder stable meaning the ball (humerus head) stays in its proper position in the socket (glenoid cavity). The supraspinatus is responsible for abducting the arm, the infraspinatus…

Exercising for Mental Health

16th December 2019

So, unless you live under a rock, everyone knows the benefits of exercise on your general health, fitness and body, but what does exercise do for our mental health? There is a growing movement in the UK towards exercising for our minds as a way to de-stress. People are finally beginning to understand that exercise…

Warm-ups that will make you less susceptible to sporting injury

28th February 2018

In order to truly welcome one of our new personal trainers Luke Davis to the C&G team, we thought we’d ask for his tips on warming up and warming down properly when you exercise.   Physiotherapist (and Carter & George’s Co-Director) Rhys Carter has seen countless patients in the past whose injuries could have been…

You’ve heard if it, but what is an ACL Injury?

26th November 2018

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located behind the knee cap and is one of the four key knee stabilisers. It connects the tibia (shin bone) to the femur (thigh bone). The main role of the ACL is to ensure the tibia twists relatively to the femur, stopping any abnormal movements such has knee valgus…

Diet, Supplements and Inflammation

5th January 2020

Today’s blog is from Sophia Charalambous, who runs Herts Family Dietitian. You can check her website out at: www.hertsfamilydietitian.co.uk Sophia is our new Dietitian at the clinic. Sophia comes from working in the NHS with adult and paediatric patients, seeing a variety of conditions such as IBS, coeliac disease, weight management and home enteral nutrition….

It’s time to take care of your joints

9th March 2018

Joint pain can become a major issue if left untreated, stopping you from doing the things you love by slowing down movement and causing discomfort. It’s therefore imperative that you take proper care of your joints, to ensure you can enjoy life without the pain caused by stiffness and inflammation.   Below are some suggestions…

Ankle Sprains – Phoenix’s Story!

3rd January 2019

Lateral ankle sprains are among the most common injuries that individuals experience during athletic or recreational activities. A sprain refers to a ligament which has been overstretched. The anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) is reported to be the weakest and the first ligament injured with an ankle sprain, followed by injury to the calcaneofibular ligament and…

Hamstring Injuries

22nd January 2020

Hamstring Injuries – Jonathan Wride ESP Physiotherapist Last week in clinic an elite level sprinter visited me for advice on suspected hamstring injury. This is a very common injury I see in footballers and track athletes so I will use this case study to discuss the best management for hamstring tears. Where are the Hamstring…

How keeping active will help you get the most out of Spring

23rd March 2018

Spring has officially sprung; and although it doesn’t always feel like it, now is a great time to start making the most of the brighter days with some exercise.   The benefits of exercise are no secret; mentally and physically, just thirty minutes of physical activity a few times a week works absolute wonders for…